Strauss Festival
July 28-31, 2016


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Strauss Festival of Elk Grove
P.O. Box 309, Elk Grove, CA 95759
(916) 714-2527

2015 © Strauss Festival of Elk Grove

How do I get seats?

DancersThe Strauss Festival of Elk Grove provides multiple options for seating.  The picture shows a view from Strauss Island overlooking the grassy knoll where audience members have laid out blankets for the evening’s performance.

The Strauss Festival provides bleacher seating; see back right of photo. Bleacher seating options (2016 details coming soon), lawn chair seating, blanket seating (no chairs allowed on the grass between the sidewalk and the water’s edge), a section for patrons with disability needs, and a VIP area for our major sponsors. Reservations for disability seating are available by calling the Strauss Festival office at (916) 714-2527. Disabled seating, bleachers and lawn chair seating is first come first, first serve.

To get the perfect seat, audience members are encouraged to bring a blanket after the conclusion of the previous night’s show (around 10:00 p.m.).  Each person will be able to drop a blanket off at the end of the general public line, whereupon a member of our security personnel will place a number on your blanket to secure its place in line.  A person must then return the following morning at 10:00 a.m., when people are allowed in, 10 at a time, to place their blankets in their desired locations. Each person will be allowed in with one blanket only.  Your place is thus reserved for that evening’s performance. You will want to secure the blanket to the ground to prevent it from moving during the day.  You can then return that evening to enjoy the performance.

Please note that the space between the walkway and the water’s edge (near the stage) is blanket seating without chairs.  Only chairs with a short back with no legs are permitted in that area.  The seat portion of the chair must lie on the ground.  Lawn chairs may be placed on the blankets in all other seating areas. 

Blankets must not be larger than 76" x 84".  Any blanket that exceeds 76" x 84" may be removed by Strauss personnel prior to the evening performance.  Strauss personnel reserve the right to move blankets slightly to fill gaps, etc.  Blankets must not be made of a material that may harm the grass, such as plastic tarps, etc., or they will be removed.  The Strauss Festival is not responsible for loss or damage to blankets or other items left at the park.